Genomics and Transcriptomics

Instructors: April Wright & Raul Diaz

This webpage will contain all the code, data and lecture materials for BIOL 499/599, Genomics and Transcriptomics.

Syllabus is here

Getting Started

To get started, follow the directions in the “Setup” tab to download data to your computer and follow any installation instructions.


Date Lecture Topic Lab Activity
1.17.2018 >LONI log-in
1.23.2018 UNIX and Git 1
1.25.2018 UNIX and Git 2
1.26.2018 HW 1 Due
1.30.2018 One Last UNIX lesson
2.2.2018 HW 2 Due
2.6.2018 Nanopore Prep 1
2.8.2018 Nanopore Prep2
2.9.2018 HW3
2.13.2018 Enjoy your break
2.15.2018 Nanopore library prep 1
2.20.2018 Reading and Writing Genomic Data
2.22.2018 In-Depth Assessment of Nanopore Data
2.27.2018 >Python Data Processing
2.27.2018 >HW4 Due
3.12.2018 Python Data Processing II
3.26.2018 Computational Data Management Practical Due
3.12.2018 Masurca
5.11.18 Computational Final

Schedule is basically out the window, now.